low energy and solar solutions

Part L Services

We can provide services relating to all the criteria of Part L2A. It is preferable if we can work with you during the design process to advise on the implications of design decisions. Whilst the requirements of Part L are not yet very demanding they may well be if Part L is left to the end of the design process. If preventative steps are not taken then designs can be heavily compromised or a heavy burden will be passed onto engineers to specify expensive equipment and bolt-on renewable technologies.

If you have already reached the end of the design process and the building incorporates some spaces which are not air conditioned then it is adviseable that assessments of Criterion 3: Limiting the effects of solar gains in summer are made first and you advise us on what aspects of the design are currently being worked on, it may be adviseable to delay further work until the Criteria 1-3 (and some aspects of Criterion 4) are assessed.