Part L Services

Design Stage

We can work with you on examining the implications for Part L on your building project once you have some conceptual drawings. We can advise on these with a view to producing a low energy/thermally comfortable design or from a Part L compliance angle.

These two aims should be mutually compatable but there are widespread concerns that the main tool used for Part L CO2 calculations contains some assumptions which are not compatable with established, more complex tools (dynamic simulation). However if SBEM is to be used for compliance then it is wise to be aware of how your building will be represented in SBEM and how to adjust your building to perform according to its requirements.

Design Assessment with SBEM

SBEM makes predictions of energy use for the following services

SBEM will make calculations for providing each of these services for each individual building zone. It adds up all the zone values together and divides by the total floor area to produce both average values (per square metre) of energy consumption and CO2 emission.

By identifying key zones in your building we can initially examine the predicted values for the different services for these zones and advise you on the implications and what choices you will have to make each compliant. You are not required to ensure each zone is compliant, however by examining the flexibility of key zones and tackling them you will more easily make the whole building compliant.