Part L2A documents

Below is a list of the accompanying guides to Part L2A, 2006. Each should have a link to either the source of the document, details about the document or details of where it can be purchased. At the time of preperation, many of the documents are not available, though previous editions might. Free downloads may link directly to the download, some links may also refer to where the document is stored internally at l-e-s-s. Some downloads may require registration on the site in order for the publication to download. See the links page for home/main pages of relevent sites. Some publications may in future become available through the Department for Communities and Local Government, check at the Planning Portal Part L site

The Approved Documents: Part L2A Conservation of fuel and power in new buildings other than dwellings

  1. Statutory Instrument 1991 No. 1620: The Construction Products Regulations 1991
  2. Statutory Instrument 1994 No. 3260: The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
  3. Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 2372: The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 1992
  4. Statutory Instrument 1994 No. 3051: The Construction Products (Amendment) Regulations 1994
  1. Statutory Instrument 1994 No. 3080: The Electromagnetic Compatibility (Amendment) Regulations 1994
  1. BR262 Thermal Insulation: Avoiding Risks, BRE 2001: details and ordering
  2. Energy Performance Standards for Modular and Portable Buildings, MPBA, 2006: free download (requires registration)
  3. Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) user manual and calculation tool: free download
  4. CO2 Emission Figures for Policy Analysis, bre, 2006: free download
  5. Low or Zero Carbon Energy Sources: Strategic Guide: free download
  6. BR 443 Conventions for U-value calculations, BRE, 2006: free download
  7. The Thermal assessment of window assemblies, CWCT, 2006: details and ordering
  8. The Government's Standard Assessment Procedure for the energy rating of dwellings, SAP 2005, DEFRA, 2005
  9. Limiting thermal bridging and air leakage robust construction details for dwellings and similar buildings Amendment 1,TSO 2002 has been replaced by Accredited Construction Details for Part L: free download
  10. TM39 Building Energy Metering, CIBSE, 2006: details and ordering
  11. Non - Domestic Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Compliance Guide: free download
  12. DW/144: Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork, HVCA, 1998: details and ordering
  13. HVAC Guidance for Achieving Compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations, TIMSA, 2006: free download
  14. BRE Digest 498 Selecting Lighting Controls: details and ordering
  15. BR364 Solar Shading Of Buildings, BRE, 1999: details and ordering
  16. AM10 Natural Ventilation in non-domestic buildings, CIBSE, 2005: details and ordering
  17. BS 8206: 1992 Lighting for buildings Part 2: Code of practice for daylighting, BSI: search and ordering
  18. Use of rooflights to satisfy the 2002 Building Regulations for the conservation of fuel and power, NARM: free download
  19. TM36 Climate change and the indoor environment: impacts and adaptation, CIBSE, 2005: details and ordering
  20. CIBSE Guide A: Environmental Design, CIBSE, 2006: details and ordering
  21. TM37 Design for Improved Solar Shading Control, CIBSE, 2006: details and ordering
  22. Ventilation of School Buildings, Building Bulletin 101, School Building and Design Unit, Department for Education and Skills : free download
  23. Guidance For The Design Of Metal Roofing And Cladding To Comply With Approved Document L2 (plus updates July 2007): free download
  24. IP1/06 Assessing the effects of thermal bridging at junctions and around openings,BRE, 2006: details and ordering
  25. Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes,ATTMA, 2006: free download
  26. Commissioning Code M: Commissioning Management, CIBSE, 2003: details and ordering
  27. DW143 A Practical Guide to Ductwork Leakage Testing, HVCA, 2000: details and ordering

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