Guides to Energy Efficient Building

Using the guides

The majority of links are internal thus you simply need to select the relevant tutorial and wait until it finishes downloading. Then select offline and disconnect your connection.

It is best to view the tutorials 'Full Screen' (The Opera browser is the only one I know which can do this, MS Internet Explorer Full Screen mode retains some toolbars). Remove the various toolbars if you are using Netscape. Navigate the tutorial through the icons

Gives a list of all the pages and may be quicker than jumping single pages. returns you to the home page of the section.

Note it is not adviseable to print out the tutorials. They are designed so that they can be viewed on the majority of screens. Thus to prevent problems with high resolution/large screens their are a lot of 'blank lines' between each page


Using the guides

Building Physics


Energy Auditing

Thermal Comfort

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