low energy and solar solutions


l-e-s-s provides design assessment services, in particular with regard to assessing building fabric thermal performance. Including:

  • Whole Building Energy/CO2, work related to EPBD/part L Building Regulations requirements from April 2006 (including SBEM)

  • Thermal Comfort (key to the assessment of non-airconditioned spaces)

  • Low and Zero Carbon passive heating and cooling technologies

l-e-s-s also advises on key elements of building design which effect its thermal and energy performance and assist in sizing and specifying these key elements. Including:

  • Building Form and orientation

  • Solar shading of glazing, walls and roofs

  • Glazing specifications for heating and cooling

  • Glazing for daylighting: glazing ratios, positioning

  • Electric Lighting controls: daylight linking, appropriate switching, prediction of energy/CO2/cost savings

  • Construction Materials: lightweight/heavyweight construction, surface finishes

l-e-s-s has experience in design and assessment of low energy technologies. Including:

  • Passive Stack/Natural Ventilation

  • Daylighting/Lighting control

  • Passive Solar Heating

  • Evaporative Cooling

  • Ground Heating/Cooling (Buried Pipes)

  • Phase Change Materials

  • Water Cooled Slabs

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